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WAMXC are like minded Women And Men who Cross Country ski and drink coffee.

WAMXC was conceived in March of 2000 following a season of premature snow disappearance. Recognition of the importance of Long Slow Distance summer training as preparation for cross country skiing stimulated the development of WAMXC. We consider WAMXC an adjunct to formal coaching and firmly believe cross-country skiers are made in the summer! Our activities have evolved from solely doing long hikes to include biking, roller skiing and intensity workouts. At each workout participants are encouraged to do a workout that best fits them.

We use Yahoo email to facilitate impromptu workouts and sharing news. Car pooling to workouts is encouraged. For security, we encourage making arrangements off-list. Our calendar is hosted on Google. We have a Facebook group and we post on Instagram.

During the summer we pole hike on Saturday, roller ski during the week and often bike on Sunday. Hikes begin as easy urban social walks, then add ski poles to exercise arms and upper body as well as get a better workout. We imitate classic ski technique with poles. WAMXC work to accommodate a variety of fitness levels so participants need not keep up with those in the lead. We expect individuals to get the workout they need. On Long Slow distance days and on the way to/from interval workouts, "Group compaction" ensures those who lag not miss turns. Those in front keep moving and remain active as those who first reach intersections reverse course until those at the end have been encountered, thereby collapsing the group. On interval days we hike to the venue, synchronize watches, agree when to rendezvous and then each does their own workout. At the appointed time we reconnect and hike back. Participants who wish not to do intervals are invited to continue long slow distance then reconnect with the group.

We choose relatively easy venues in the spring and move to locations with hills during mid-summer and fall, generally on the East side of the Twin Cities. Terrain and proximity are critical as is availability of good speciality coffee with food. We avoid large chains with inadequate coffee, bakery or deli. Our choice of independents is driven in part by our wish to patronize community members, but also by the warm reception we receive.

The plan for the month is at the top of the home page. We accommodate inclement weather and schedule conflicts but not tardiness. We schedule hikes late into the season in case we have warm weather and artificial snow is unavailable. If there is lightning, we will neither hike nor bike. If there is snow, we ski.

We start in April with casual, very social, easy hikes, increase duration during the summer and add intensity through intervals towards fall. Start times get progressively earlier as the hikes get longer and the sun rises earlier. Start times are later in fall and winter. Please arrive at the workouts before the posted time as we start promptly.

Swede Hollow Boys is a part of WAMXC grown out of convenience. Several of us do weekday strength and flexibility training at Flex Appeal, a studio in St Paul and then recover over coffee and lunch. We use a separate email so as not to burden the WAMXC list.