Hiking provides for low impact, long duration, low level workouts. Our schedule starts in April and leads to the artificial snow season. Hikes begin as easy urban social walks then add ski poles to exercise arms and upper body as well as get a better workout. We imitate classic ski technique with poles. WAMXC works to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. Participants need not keep up with those in the lead. We expect individuals to get the workout they need. On Long Slow Distance days and on the way to/from interval workouts, "Group compaction" ensures those who lag do not miss turns.

When compacting, all are encouraged to reverse course until those at the end have been swept into the collapsed group. On days that include intervals, we hike to a location usually adjacent some vertical challenge. We agree when to rendezvous and then are free to do individual workouts or join a group. At the appointed time we reconnect and continue the hike. Those who do not wish to do intervals are welcome to continue long slow distance and then reconnect with the group.

Intervals address the need to prepare for snow skiing and develop the cardiovascular system for competition. We secure expert advice regarding incorporation of intervals and speed work in our workouts. Participation is voluntary, however, we have been pleasantly surprised to find interval workouts appreciated by many, at different levels of fitness. Interval sessions, in many ways, are more social than long hikes since everyone works out in the same space. On hills, those going down often offer verbal encouragement to those going up. Treks to and from the interval spot are often filled with copious amounts of conversation. Don't be frightened by the prospect of interval workouts.