Your First Hike

Water. Bring water that does not require use of your hands to carry. Hydration packs like a Camelbak or a belt that holds a water bottle are ideal. A backpack with a water bottle will work as a starter but inconveniently requires removing the pack to drink.

Punctual. We start on time so arrive early. Note the specific meeting spot designated on the calendar (likely though a link).

Poles. We start the season without poles so don't bring them to April hikes. Poles make the workout harder so if you join us later in the season and worry about keeping up, start without poles. We use ski poles with good comfortable ski grips. Removing baskets avoids tangling with weeds. The best length is an inch or two shorter than correct classic pole length.

Keeping Up. We strive to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels while hiking by "compacting" or "compression". If the group separates, when we reach an intersection, we circle back to pick up all members of the group. In this manner, we keep moving yet keep the group together. Those who don't comply are admonished.

Fashion Faux Pas? Newcomers often ask what to wear. Spring and fall brings out the ski wardrobe. Bring a change of dry clothes and consider a Bache Bag where changing facilities are unavailable. Most use low cut trail shoes.

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